Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sweet Girl Birthday Party: Inspiration

Did you know?  Miss Adelle is turning five!

I can't believe it either... BUT it's coming up soon and this momma better start planning!
My daughter has given me the wonderful task of throwing a "Princess Ballerina Fairy Birthday Party."

Yup. That's what she wants! She has already had a ballerina and a princess party, but she's not into the idea of a strictly fairy theme. As you can probably tell, I definitely have a full. on. GIRL.
So, I've decided that this year I'm gonna play up that theme!


Isn't that just scrumptious!? I'm going to throw a totally girly girl party with LOTS of pink, princessy pretty things, tulle, and flower fairy stuff. 
And maybe throw in some vintage.

Love this! I think the poms are so pretty. I will have to have some of those.

These doily favor bags are so sweet! And since I'm on a tight budget they'll be perfect!

Check out these adorable invitations for a picnic party! So creative!

Using items you already have to decorate for a party is a great idea. It adds that perfect vintage homey touch, and free too! I love the pretty bottles with the flowers. Summer flowers will be playing a big part in the party!


Cake pops! They are the cutest thing! Perfect for little girls and they add just the perfect whimsical/vintage touch. I will have to try my hand at these!

We can just ooh and ahh over this one for a moment.... Everything about this photo is gorgeous.

So here's what I'm thinking:
white, burlap
colorful treats and candy
poms and banners hanging from the ceiling

I've decided to have the party at our house this year, instead of at the park just across the street. (no playground, just grassy space) Mainly since I don't have the money to rent a bounce house this year, and last year the wind blew all of my pretty decorations away! I'll probably deck out the back patio.

And I know cupcakes are so chic right now, but I just LOVE making cakes. I have so much fun decorating them. The fondant, the tiers, the challenge! This year I'm thinking of fondant flowers everywhere :)

Stay tuned for design projects coming up. I've worked the last 10 out of 11 days at the jewelry store (I'm tired!!!) but starting next week I hope to get going on some things!


  1. i realy love it... great inspiration for my party ... thankyou

  2. Yeah even I loved these inspirations for Sweet Girl Birthday Party. Actually I was just in love with each and everything in this bash, from color scheme to the decorations. My little one’s birthday is about to come so I have to host a grand party at the indoor event halls for rent. Can you share some more inspirations for a boy’s party?