Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The new beauties!!

Hi! I am so so SO very excited to introduce you to the two new lovely ladies that now live with me! They both came from my awesome mom :)

This first one was a birthday present, and I think this may be the best present ever. I have been dreaming about owning one of these bad boys for many years, as I'm sure most ladies do regardless of whether they actually like to bake or not! Well, I DO bake, and I am happy to announce that a brand new, pistachio colored Kitchen Aid Artisan Mixer now lives happily on my kitchen counter :)

Isn't the color just fabulous?! It's so soft and pretty. I really wanted something that was classic and soft enough to fit in with whatever colors I might want to use in the future, yet also something that was a fun pop! This gorgeous green did it for me, plus it looks beautiful against our green walls.

eeeh it makes me giddy!

Thanks mom!

You may have seen it in action when I made the Cranberry and Lemon Zest Oatmeal Cookies
They turned out fabulously and were much easier in my gorgeous new mixer :)

Adelle is super excited about homemade marshmallows.

Or maybe some pretty pink strawberry mallows? I think Miss Adelle Marie would approve.

In other news:

The other new beauty that lives in my house is......... (drumroll please)....... 

A beautiful antique secretary!!!!

This little lady is just absolutely gorgeous! And it was completely free!


I was seriously doing a happy dance after I cleaned it. Look at that wood! The grain and rich color is so amazing.
My wonderful mother acquired this from a woman in her knitting class. Apparently this lady had a room full of gorgeous old wood furniture that she was giving away for free because she didn't want to go through the hassle of selling them on craigslist. (Really?? This is SO worth more than free!)

 So my mom went "shopping" and came home with this. Even though she had no use for the piece it's obvious that this thing is worth some money, and I'm not even going to mention how beautiful it is!

Oh, wait. I already have, like a thousand times. :)
And when I saw the thing I of course flipped out, and my dad brought it to me! The knitting friend did have this piece, and apparently all of her other antiques in the "cat room" though. And it looks like they may have used one side of it as a slide... 
A little polishing has already helped so much though, so I think I can save it :)
No such luck unfortunately on an absolutely amaaaazing Hepplewhite desk that my brother took... poor turned leg.

I have always wanted a secretary. I luuurrrve the classic style of it. I used to dream about the fancy house I would have when I grew up, and one of these babys was always in that dream! Hehe

There is a metal stamped tag on the back and one that says it is made with genuine mahogany. I tried to take photos but they came out horrible. boo.

:) pretty awesome for free, eh?

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