Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Marshalls {a.k.a. accessory wonderland!}

Went for a little stroll through Marshalls today... man was I wishing I had brought my camera!

(warning: the photos you are about to see have been taken with a camera phone... just so you know.)

I pop in TJ Maxx regularly and although the two store have many of the same things I usually find more or better things at Marshalls. This trip was no exception. Anywho, went shopping for a cutie backpack for Adelle, sadly I wasn't in the market for all the the pretty home things I found.

But just in case you are, check out what they have now! It is SO worth a trip to your nearest store too!

This grayed out entry table is SO gorgeous! If  I had a place for it, believe me it would be mine...

And this wood tripod lamp is so chic and masculine! Adore

I want this campaign chair SO BAD! The seat is fabulous and it is really nice solid wood!

A whole photo full of pretty! You can't see it but the tufted chair had gorgeous feet.

These trunks, get this: BURLAP. With painted on vintage stamp designs. They had three sizes and many different patterns and slight color variations to them. I realized after that the trunks in the photo have the same design, but there were others.

Adorable Frenchy ottoman

I was in love with these chairs. The legs are perfectly whitewashed and the natural muslin was so Restoration Hardware-ish. Fortunately for my bank account one of the chairs was slightly wobbly. :)

An entire display full of hands. VERY cool pieces here.

These vases are woven out of old magazines! How clever and cool is that??

TONS of gorgeous baskets. Stock up if you need them!

But this baby is probably my fave. Check out the amazing shape, with a perfectly textured and rustic linen shade!

And in case you couldn't tell. This is what the base is made of. Mercury glass with wire overtop.

If you've been thinking about popping into your local store, GO! They have even more great treasures than what I just showed you. And who doesn't love a great deal?

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